Thursday, 29 January 2015

I Love You

"I love you"
Has been written in the glass
Of my mirror -
Invisible gift from small fingers
Rebirthed in the steam
Of a later bath.

When she made her signpost
I don't know,
But it warms me
With blessing
Of maternal bliss.

A call heard, so I desend.
On the stairs,
The weekend child has come home,
Running up to midway meet mother
Poised between birth
And maturation:
10 years tall
Hair, legs
That perfect face -
Towards a woman
Leans now, beautiful.

"Mummy, I missed you!"
Arms wrap, head still
She bunts in against
My once feeding breasts.
How my swinging heart
Toe touches a sky
Only we can share.

Ah, my girl!
How I shall miss
This small you,
When your first decade
Can no longer shimmer
This morning blessing
To your mother
In the steam.

22nd September 2014

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