Thursday, 29 January 2015


An inch away from implosion
An unplanned solar flare went off,
And I watched my arm
Vault a plate of muffin
From a car window,
Bread bathing vehicle interior,
Finding anger quickly superior,
My ribs no longer caged control.

I didn't shout, but see -
This is a burn out:
Full of hurt, anger and a knife twist -
So tired, I forgot again how to sleep
With massed commitments I could not keep.

Beyond today I will hold no one
Save the child I was this morning,
And the girl I freaked,
Who sat in horror in the other seat.

Shame now, as well as stress
Erodes resource.
I sigh, for it is not yet safe to cry.

But maybe, another time
She will try the fucking muffin
I hubbardly harrid prepared
To sustain us both
When I so politely ask.

22nd October 2014

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